"When we needed more space in our almost a hundred year old Craftsman style home, our main concern was whether or not we could add on while preserving the original look and beauty of the historic home. It sits on one of the busiest corners in the historic district of the town of Aledo, and is one of the few historic homes still standing in its original location in our town. We knew it had to be done right if it was going to be done at all. We use the home for our retail business, so it also needed to meet current commercial codes and today's ADA standards. Starting with a beautiful design, down to the last trim detail, Mark Farmer and his team were able to exceed our expectations on the project. He went above and beyond time and again to make sure that every last detail was exactly as we wanted. This was at times very challenging since materials and methods of construction used so long ago are so different from today. The project started with using a plan designer that was as committed to the outcome of the project as Mark was. We wanted two and half times the original size and we didn't want it to look like it had been added on to. The plan that was presented not only met the objective of not looking like an obvious add on, but actually enhanced the beauty of the original structure. Some of the other highlights, just to name a few, that far exceeded our expectations were finding the right lumber company that was able to match almost exactly the original siding that was used. Another was using a master carpenter that was a specialist in historic construction. He sometimes restored the original construction, such as totally reworking the two front doors. Other times, he was able to match the original construction by knowing how to find the right moldings and using methods of construction to make the inside and outside of the old and new come together seamlessly and as beautiful as the original historic home. People always comment on the beauty of the home and many are surprised when they find out it was added on to and ask what part is the old and what part is the new. We appreciate how much extra effort that went into this project to give us something we can be so proud of."

- Josh and Kim Rogers Milestone Portraits Aledo, TX


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